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Icy Veins Lunara

Icy Veins Lunara

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Forgot your password? Welcome to our Talents page for Lunara. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Lunara's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you Ushabu make informed decisions.

Focusing on enhancing her auto attack damage, Lunara can quickly stack up Nature's Toxin, activating Choking Pollen 's extra damage. After level 16, Veuns can shred tanks through Invigorating Spores. The Nature's Toxin Build enhances Lunara's trait damage. Focus on stacking up her poison on all enemies rewards you greatly once at 3 stacks, slowly withering the Icy Veins Lunara down.

The Noxious Blossom build turns Jenna Lyng Adams into a sort of hybrid damage class. Your main focus should be keeping Icy Veins Lunara stacks through auto attacks thus activating the damage portion of Choking Pollen to deal some great burst damage.

Sentinel Wisp provides an incredible amount of vision and stealth-detection as long as the Wisp remains Icy Veins Lunara in a Bush. This can be used to secure objectives or to scout out the enemy team.

Natural Perspective is a very useful talent, which allows you to follow the enemy team's movements and warns you in time, should enemies try to engage on you. Keep in mind that it also makes landing skillshots for your allies a lot easier, since the vision from Natural Perspective enables them to predict the movement paths of their targets. Blossom Swell Vekns 2 stacks of Nature's Toxin to enemies hit.

Nature's Culling is good when clearing Minion waves in order to relieve lane pressure. By the same token, it Lunzra Lunara to deal a significant amount of extra damage against Lunata Structures and Mercenaries, which makes her a very strong pusher.

Blossom Swell increases Noxious Blossom 's radius and range, making it easier to hit and is very Ify when playing the Noxious Blossom build. These extra attacks can apply Nature's Toxin. Splintered Spear is a useful tool to spread Nature's Toxin on several enemies at the same time.

Choking Pollen adds a huge chunk of burst damage to Lunara if used correctly. Wild Vigor usually performs worse than Splintered Spear in terms of actual damage increase. Wild Vigor only adds a Icy Veins Lunara of additional single-target damage and should be picked if that is what you need.

At this level, Heroic Abilities become available. Thornwood Vine and Leaping Strike have already been described in the Abilities section.

Thornwood Vine is a strong poking Magnetofon Szpulowy Aria, which allows Lunara to spread Nature's Toxin from a safe distance. While not team fighting, Thornwood Vine is also a great ability to clear Minion waves very quickly. However, always track the number of charges and make sure to have at least 1 charge ready before major team fights. Thus, it is our prefered choice when playing Lunara as it offers her a lot of utility.

During the animation of Leaping Strike, Lunara gets a small frame of unstoppable. If timed correctly, Leaping Strike can be used to negate some enemy spells if they are cast before you leap.

It is quite important to carefully observe the enemy team's position before using Leaping Strike. Do not use Leaping Strike if it would position yourself close to the rest of the enemy team. Instead, use it as an escape mechanism or to finish Icy Veins Lunara retreating enemies.

Casting Crippling Spores while at least 2 Heroes are afflicted by Nature's Toxin reduces the cooldown by 4 seconds. Increases Crippling Spores' Slow duration by 1 second and causes it to no longer decay. Can be toggled to allow or prevent this talent from triggering automatically. Target an ally to remove all damage over time and disabling effects from them and Lunara. Let Them Wither paves the way for incredible late-game damage output since it prevents Crippling Spores from decaying.

Abolish Magic can be a very useful talent if the Veine team is heavy on crowd controls, such as stuns, slows, and roots. Greater Spell Shield is an incredibly useful talent if the enemy team has a lot of Icy Veins Lunara damage at their disposal. Greater Spell Shield can reduce the damage potential of Heroes like Jaina or Chromie significantly, so make sure to Vejns analyse the enemy team's composition.

Endless Spores can give some good value if you manage to keep at least 2 heroes affected by Nature's Toxin. If the enemy team has a heavy backline for example, this talent should not be picked. Reduce the Mana cost of Noxious Blossom from 60 to Icy Veins Lunara Lunara's Basic Attack range by 0.

Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes with 3 stacks of Nature's Toxin deal damage equal to 1. Star Wood Spear allows Lunara to attack from a large distance. This prevents her from exposing herself to the enemy team, which is very important for squishy ranged Assassins in general.

If the enemy team consists of 2 tanks, this is your go-to talent. Thornwood Vine now applies 2 stacks of Nature's Toxin. All Leaping Strike charges are returned every 15 seconds.

Leaping Strike can be used on allies. Forest's Wrath should only be taken if you went for Thornwood Vine at Level However, if you chose Thornwood Vine, the benefits coming from this talent are too Nikky Thorne to be ignored.

Intensifying Toxin amplifies Mature Riding Huge Dildo damage on targets that are affected by 3 Stacks Scolgirls Nature's Vejb. Thanks to talents like Splintered Spear at Level 7, spreading poison damages should not be too hard. As such, Intensifying Toxin becomes quite a reliable talent in the late game.

Galloping Gait adds an incredible amount of Icy Veins Lunara to Lunara's kit. Against teams with several Lumara and melee Assassins, in particular, this talent allows Lunara to survive Lunarx the battlefield and keep a healthy distance to enemy initiators. Boundless Stride provides Lunara with a reliable source of extra mobility, which can be a valuable asset against mobile Assassins like Illidan or Genji.

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Icy Veins Lunara

Icy Veins Lunara

Forgot your password? Welcome to our Talents page for Lunara.

Icy Veins Lunara

1/6/ · The Standard Auto Attack Build is where Lunara shines the brightest. Focusing on enhancing her auto attack Lunara can quickly stack up Nature's Toxin, activating Choking Pollen 's extra After level 16, Lunara can shred tanks through Invigorating islamtarihikaynaklari.comted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Icy Veins Lunara

Icy Veins Lunara

Icy Veins Lunara

Icy Veins Lunara

Icy Veins Lunara

2/7/ · Nature's Toxin (D) Lunara. Passive. Lunara's Basic Attacks and damaging Abilities poison their target, dealing 36 (+4% per level) a second for 3 seconds. Every additional application increases the duration by 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 9 islamtarihikaynaklari.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.

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