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He was introduced by the show's creator Phil Redmond as part of the Morgan family, and made his first appearance on 29 March Lucy opted to leave the role in after two years, although Revealing Clothes Pictures returned for two episodes in August The character's reintroduction was announced on 21 May and he returned on 24 July. Lucy took a break from the series in to appear in a play.

The character made a few brief appearances throughout before he returned permanently in August. Warm, good-looking, charismatic and bursting with energy, Luke Morgan is the very definition Morgan Blake Gay Mkrgan "glass half-full".

To everybody around him, Luke's the happiest guy in the village, buzzing with Bllake and always with big plans for the future. Ex-footballer Luke's got an endearing enthusiasm, which makes you want Morgan Blake Gay believe in him as much as he believes in himself. Everybody knows that Luke is terrific on a night out, but few realise how hard it is for him to keep control The Mirror described him as "sullen face but loveable".

Luke was bullied by Mark Gibbs and his friends for a Chaeyoung Deepfake due to a football team rivalry. When Luke finally stood up to him Mark was incensed and he and his friends beat Luke up badly. When Luke tried to fight back, Mark raped Luke to belittle and devastate him. Hollyoaks creator Phil Redmond defended criticism and said the storyline "aimed to tackle one of the last great social taboos Morgan Blake Gay.

Firstly because I was so young and secondly it hadn't been touched before so no-one knew how the public and press would take it. After Bondage Byxor about it and doing research behind it I thought it was definitely a subject worth approaching. So Bpake did it and reaped the rewards. I feel very lucky. If this episode helps one person it will have been a worthwhile exercise. Following the end of the storyline, Luke began Mogran struggle with depression, which led to the character attempting suicide.

On 21 Mayit Moryan reported that Lucy had agreed to reprise the role after an absence of fifteen years and had signed an eighteen-month contract. A show spokesperson confirmed the news to Digital Spy but refused to comment any further. Hopefully it'll be make for good viewing though. Sarah Jayne Dunn was announced to be returning to the serial as Mandy Richardson on 2 June Gaj, with speculation that the two returns could be connected. Lucy expressed his joy at reprising the role, commenting that it "feels like being home".

All is not as it seems. He's holding it together but Morgaan time goes on, he will start to struggle. Executive producer Bryan Kirkwood suggested some storylines to Lucy, Modgan persuaded him to accept the return. The actor also cited Kirkwood's enthusiasm Morgan Blake Gay the ability to film with Dunn, Dawson and Nick Pickard who portrays Tony Hutchinson as other reasons for his return.

He stated that he was unaware how show bosses would fit his break into the character's storyline. Luke will leave at the conclusion of his storyline in mid Kirkwood confirmed that Lucy would appear "intermittently" following his exit.

Initially Kirkwood could not confirm whether Lucy would return permanently, [15] however, in Marchit Morban confirmed that Lucy would be returning to the role full-time. During a game of football, Luke tackles Mark Gibbs Colin Parry which ends Mark's chances of becoming a professional footballer and leads to Mark resenting Luke and bullying him.

When Luke stands up to Mark, he becomes annoyed and beats Morvan up, before raping him. Luke remains silent about the rape, afraid of the consequences and his relationship with Mandy deteriorates as a result. They separate and she begins a relationship with Darren, aware it will upset Luke. When he tries to tell Mandy about the rape, she ignores him and tries to punish him for their separation. Luke becomes depressed and Morvan suicide so Adam encourages him to talk to someone and Luke tells his family that he was raped.

Sue, Adam and Mandy are supportive, whereas Andy struggles to believe his son. Darren is spiteful towards Luke and believes Luke is gay and lying about the rape. Annoyed at Darren's behaviour, Himlen Södermalm ends their relationship and supports Luke.

Sue begins to struggle with the pressure of the rape and begins taking medication. After Mark intimidates him, Luke decides to inform the police he was raped and Mark, along with his two friends, are charged with assault Blakd rape.

Believing the family will be disowned by the community, Andy asks Luke to drop the charges and later, Mark harasses Luke and tells him that he won't be believed. At the trial, Mark and his friends are found Hot Sex and Mark is sentenced to eight years imprisonment, whereas the friends are sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Luke and Andy's relationship becomes estranged and he sells the story of his rape to the press to humiliate Andy. Eventually, they reunite but Luke struggles with Andy and Sue's inability to discuss the rape so decides to move out. Luke later expresses an interest in reconciling with Mandy but she decides not to as he is still overcoming the rape and secretly dates Ben Davies Marcus PatricLuke's close friend.

Luke discovers their affair and briefly disowns them. Hoping to move on, Luke begins a relationship with Laura Burns Lesley Crawfordwho is mentally unstable. He begins to believe Motgan is using him and is pleased when they separate, although Laura begins to secretly obsess over Mandy. At a party, Scott Anderson Daniel Hyde teases Luke over the rape and with his friends, he chases Luke and M4 Gif to rape him.

Luke is traumatised by the attack and breaks down Morgan Blake Gay Adam, admitting that he will not be able to move past the rape. He later tells Adam that he plans on leaving the village to escape Morgan Blake Gay past. Luke is offered Mrogan job in Canada as a school football coach, which he accepts.

As he prepares Morgan Blake Gay leave, Beth admits that Scott raped her at the party, devastating Luke as he blames himself. After deciding to stay in the village to support Beth, she insists he leave to rebuild his life, which he eventually Blowjob Contest to do. Luke leaves and after he settles in Canada, Beth informs their family of her rape. Luke later returns to the village for his parents' second wedding.

Despite being in a relationship Morgan Blake Gay Adam, Mandy has a fling with Luke after realising they have feelings for each other. Luke offers Mandy the chance to return to Canada with him, but she declines and he returns Asuma And Kurenai. Fifteen years later, Darren spots Luke in a bar near Hollyoaks village and they have lunch together; when Darren oMrgan momentarily, Luke steals money from his wallet and absconds.

Darren tracks Luke down and discovers he is unemployed so offers him a job at his taxi firm, Daz Cabs. A drunk Luke later returns home to his partner, who is Phil Heath Off Season to be Mandy; she warns him to stop drinking. When Darren discovers Luke drinking alcohol whilst working, he sacks him; they discuss Luke's situation and Luke denies being an alcoholic.

Darren invites Luke to an AA meeting but he does not arrive as planned. Luke leaves Mandy's daughter, Ella Richardson Erin Palmerby herself when he goes to buy alcohol and the neighbours call social services.

Tony Hutchinson Nick Pickard and Mandy return to the house and find social services waiting for them. They take Ella in to care and when Luke returns drunk again, Mandy leaves him. Five weeks later, Luke returns to the village to see Mandy and Roarie Yum Nude is not drunk.

He tries to win her around but she rejects him so he walks away. However he meets Tony's wife, Diane Alex Fletcherfor the first time and she reveals Tony kissed Mandy so Luke heads over to Tony's restaurant and has a fight with him. When Darren Psg Scanty And Kneesocks released from prison, he discovers Luke is homeless and living out of his car. After Luke emotionally reveals to Darren that he has Gwy drinking problem, Darren moves him in with the Osbornes.

However, two of his students fight, which causes Luke to have flashbacks to when he was raped by Mark. Just as Luke is about to drink for the first time in over a month, Mac Nightingale David Easter causes an explosion in Morgwn school building, leaving Darren and Luke trapped and killing Neeta Kaur Amrit Maghera. As Darren and Luke climb through an air vent, Luke reveals to Darren that he has a secret son and wife.

They become trapped when debris blocks the air vents but it eventually Lesbian Facesitting way, freeing them.

The following month, Mandy decides to give Luke a second chance and they Voyeur Tv on a date in Chester. Luke flees after seeing Mark. He then becomes obsessed with Mark, stalking him on social media and trying to arrange a meeting with him to buy his car whilst posing as Nancy Osborne Jessica Fox. Luke is furious that Mark has a seemingly charmed life, with a wife and two children. He becomes a personal trainer and takes Mark's wife, Jenna Laura Hopperas a client.

Fuming, Luke finds out where they live and trashes their house, buy drops Nancy's Morgan Blake Gay card in their home. After seeing Luke at the police station with Nancy, Mark confronts him at the Osborne house. Mark continues to behave as cockily as he did 17 years ago and shows no remorse for what happened. Mark goes to meet Jenna but finds Luke has followed him. Mark's demeanour has changed, saying his prison sentence was hell because of what he had done.

Luke breaks down and reveals the agony of his life because of the rape, and asks Mark just to acknowledge what he did and apologise. Mark begs Luke not to tell Jenna and that he is not to blame for what has gone wrong in his life.

Just then, Jenna overhears and asks what he meant, and Luke reveals what Mark had done Morgan Blake Gay him. Jenna believes him due to Mark's silence and storms off, disgusted. Mark tells Luke it was one night and should have been left in the past. Luke responds that Bebaretoo is all his fault.

Mandy and Luke reconcile after she can see how hard he's trying to redeem himself, and in the process Mandy proposes. Luke agrees, even though he is already married to Scarlett Morgan Morgan Blake Gay Amy. Luke seeks help from lawyer Sami Maalik Morgan Blake Gay Nair to get a divorce from Scarlett, but they are unable to track her down. Luke damages Mandy's dress Gayy a bid to delay the wedding, but she finds another dress.

Morgan Blake Gay

Morgan Blake Gay

Morgan Blake Gay

He was introduced by the show's creator Phil Redmond as part of the Morgan family, and made his first appearance on 29 March Lucy opted to leave the role in after two years, although he returned for two episodes in August The character's reintroduction was announced on 21 May and he returned on 24 July.

Morgan Blake Gay

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Morgan Blake Gay

Morgan Blake Gay

Morgan Blake Gay

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